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Long Island, NY Family Attorney

Family law is a field that deals with various emotionally-sensitive issues that may also have a significant financial impact for years to come. Considering the often difficult nature of these cases, we have found that involving or at least consulting with an attorney early on can make a significant difference in one’s ability to reach a practical, beneficial solution.

Patsis Law handles all types of family law matters for clients in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens & Manhattan. When you work with our Long Island family lawyer, you can count on our dedicated representation and personalized client service. We recommend that you discuss your case with an attorney who can review your particular needs to determine the best approach.

At Patsis Law, our team of Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, NY divorce lawyers are committed to helping individuals get through divorce in a manner that is as stress-free as possible. Divorce involves your family, property, finances, and more.

In order to make sure you reach the most favorable outcome possible, it is important to work with an attorney you truly trust. With decades of collective experience, our team maintains an extensive familiarity with the New York family law system. You can be confident in our ability to successfully resolve your divorce proceedings.

​Tailor-Made Solutions for a Variety of Divorce Matters

Over the years, our founder has become recognized throughout the community for his respected opinion and counsel on various divorce and family law matters. In fact, Attorney George E. Patsis has been the guest at countless seminars and speaking engagements. Our founder is also admitted to the State and Federal Bars of New York as well as the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Second Circuit of Appeals. When you choose our firm, you can rest assured that you case is in competent and capable hands.

Whether you are dealing with a contested divorce or you are seeking to avoid a complicated legal process by pursuing an uncontested divorce, Attorney George E. Patsis can come to your aid. No matter what questions you may have, get in touch with our Long Island divorce firm today.

Work toward a brighter future—schedule a free evaluation today!

Whether the marriage can be dissolved peacefully through negotiation, or calls for litigation in the courtroom, we possess the skill set, resources, and experience needed to take on even the most complex cases. Regardless of the legal proceedings your case requires, you can trust that we will work to come up with the solution that is as pain-free and cost-effective as possible.

No matter how complicated or overwhelming your situation may seem, you do not have to navigate through the family law system alone. We truly care about you and your family’s well-being, and we are here to assist you. He has handled divorces involving significant assets, helped members of the military seeking a divorce, and assisted those who are weighing the pros and cons of legal separation vs. divorce.

For more information about our services or to schedule your free consultation, be sure to give our Long Island, NY divorce firm a call.

Are you facing an uncontested divorce in Nassau / Suffolk County, Long Island, NY?

Although not as difficult or emotionally stressful as a contested divorce, if you are currently on the path toward an uncontested divorce, it is still imperative that you do not hesitate to secure the aid of an experienced Long Island divorce lawyer as quickly as you can. There are many different facets of divorce that make it a complex process than can easily be mishandled. As the outcome of a divorce will have a direct impact on your future, you should not hesitate to involve an attorney that you can trust to navigate you through the process.

By looking at your individual case and working to meet all of your unique needs and nuances, we at Patsis Law we stand ready to help you through the divorce. With years of experience, we are able to help in many different aspects of the divorce process, including visitationspousal supportfathers’ rightscustodychild support and more. The future, and the future of your entire family, is on the line, and you simply cannot leave this up to chance. You need to be confident that you are being represented by an attorney that will truly help you achieve your optimum outcome.

Legal Assistance with Divorce in Nassau & Suffolk County, New York

By working with the legal team at our Long Island divorce firm, you can be confident that you will be helped with comprehensive and dynamic advice at every turn of your case. We understand how important the outcome of your divorce will be and will therefore work tirelessly to ensure that you given the effective support you deserve as you move forward to a desirable result.

     Contact a Long Island divorce lawyer from our firm as soon as possible for legal counsel through your uncontested divorce.

Suffolk & Nassau County, NY High Net Worth Divorce, Separation & Nuptial Agreements

     Nuptial agreementsseparation agreements and divorces involving parties with high net worth are often very complicated matters. Some assets are relatively easy to place a value upon but many others are not and give rise to serious litigation usually involving financial and business expert witnesses. At Patsis Law we have worked with many high net worth clients and have not only successfully ascertained appropriate values of disputed assets but have even located assets hidden in foreign countries. A Long Island divorce lawyer at our firm can assist you with your high asset case in order to determine the best approach that will protect your current and future financial interests.

Our law firm handles high net worth family law matters for clients in Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, Queens County, Manhattan, and the surrounding areas. We are committed to providing our clients with the one-on-one attention they need as well as the experienced legal counsel that makes all the difference in their ability to reach positive resolutions to their divorce, support or custody-related matters.

High Asset & High Net Worth Family Law Cases in Long Island, Suffolk, Nassau & Queens Counties, Brooklyn & Manhattan

The issues that are primarily affected by a high asset divorce include property division, spousal support and child support. An attorney at our law firm can help you in all of these areas, working to properly present your case to the court in order to seek to protect your interests.

When parties seek to divide assets through the process of equitable distribution and significant wealth or assets are involved, this can become difficult. Some assets that must be analyzed are:

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Real estate (residential and investment grade)
  • Businesses
  • Professional licenses
  • Pensions
  • Annuities
  • 401(k) / IRA accounts

Spousal support and child support are also directly related to the asset valuation process so even after property is divided, future payment amounts and durations are at stake. It is imperative to hire an experienced Long Island family law attorney with seasoned experts to help ensure that the proper outcome is achieved.

Contact a Long Island high net worth divorce attorney today! Free evaluation.

Unique Concerns in a Nassau & Suffolk, Long Island, New York Military Divorce

If you or your spouse is a current or former member of the United States Armed Forces, the issues involved in ending your marriage will likely be different than they would be between civilians, and it is advisable to seek representation from a Long Island divorce lawyer who has experience helping people in your situation.

Come to Patsis Law for a free initial consultation. We seek to resolve all types of family law issues with a minimum of difficulty for the client, and we keep our caseload small in order to devote the maximum amount of attention and effort to achieving a favorable result for you.

Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act

The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act makes it possible for you to claim an ownership stake in your ex-spouse’s military benefits and retirement pay, by classifying such benefits as marital property. You are not guaranteed any portion of the assets, but New York State applies the principle of equitable distribution in divorce, and your attorney will argue for why you deserve to be awarded your fair share, based on factors such as your contributions to the marriage and to your spouse’s career and your need for support. We also represent service members who want to protect their benefits from the claims of a former spouse.

How Does the Divorce Process Work for Service Members in NY?

Active-duty service personnel cannot be held in default for failure to respond to a divorce action, so you will likely have to wait until your spouse returns from service. Likewise, you are protected against the possibility of returning home from duty to learn that you have been divorced and are subject to an unfavorable final decree.

When the time comes to initiate the process, it is important to have dedicated representation to defend your rights, as the outcome of the divorce can have a major impact on your future stability. The terms of spousal supportchild support and custody will likely determine how easily you can put this experience behind you and move into a new chapter in your life. We will work tirelessly to help you achieve a settlement which works in your favor.

Contact a Long Island military divorce attorney for a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns and to learn more about how we can help.

What Does This Mean for Those Who Do Not Want a Divorce?

The barrier to a divorce has potentially been removed for many people who wanted one but did not have grounds prior to the new law and were not willing to perjure themselves or have a trial on the issue. This, however, leaves many people who may not want a divorce in the situation of feeling that the filing spouse has all of the power and can get a divorce as a matter of right, which is incorrect. There can still be a trial on whether there was an “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage for at least six months.

If your spouse has filed for divorce and you would like to contest the matter, a Long Island divorce defense lawyer at our law firm can help. We are highly experienced divorce attorneys dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients in regard to their family law matters. Though New York divorce laws have changed, you may still be able to preserve your marriage.

Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island, NY Divorce Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

Defendants who have been served with divorce papers under the new law still have the ability to fight the divorce for whatever reason they desire if they feel that the marriage has not irretrievably broken down. Whether the reason is to preserve the family unit, maintain the financial integrity of the family, adhere to religious beliefs, or simply buy time in order to work toward saving the marriage, being served with divorce papers under this new law is not the end of the line. We are one of a very limited number of law firms that focuses on defending against divorce. We represent plaintiffs in divorce and have unique expertise in saving marriages.

Facing an unwanted divorce? Contact a Nassau County divorce attorney at the firm today.

Legal Separation & Divorce in Long Island & New York


Get Advice from a Nassau County Divorce Attorney

Couples considering divorce are often asked to first think about a trial separation where the parties live apart while remaining technically married. A legal separation is a court order which regulates the rights and duties of each spouse while they live apart and can be helpful for couples as they attempt to work through personal or financial issues. If you have thought about divorce and need legal advice, a Long Island family law attorney can provide the counsel you need to make the best decision.

What is a separation agreement?

Much like a divorce, for a legal separation, the court will need to decide on several key issues of your separation. The terms of the separation can be made permanent if the couple wishes to formally divorce later on.

Issues to be decided by the court include:

One benefit of legal separation is that it allows for the spouses to see how living apart affects their marriage. It should be noted that in New York, couples that live apart for at least one year is recognized by the state as grounds for divorce.

Understand the Benefits of a Separation

The main difference between separation and divorce is that the former is not a distinct legal rupture and end of the marriage. The separation agreement can be used in a later divorce settlement but this is up to the spouses if they desire to be reconciled.

Another benefit of separation is that those benefits which would end for one spouse in a divorce such as health care coverage are not lost during a separation. A spouse can still be eligible for certain Social Security benefits while separated.

When you need help decided if a legal separation is the right move, speak with a trained Long Island divorce lawyer from Patsis Law for critical advice.

The firm can help you decide which choice is best for you during your free consultation so call the Long Island divorce firm today!