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Long Island, NY Deed Transfer Attorney

The Law Office of George E. Patsis can help you with a deed transfer.  A deed is a legal document which when signed by the Grantor transfers title or ownership of real property.  The deed is then recorded in the county where the property is located.

We are experienced deed transfer attorneys and have handled numerous deed transfers. Contact us today to discuss a deed transfer.

The way in which a deed is held will drastically affect the owner’s rights during their lifetime and at death.  In New York, a deed can be held as a tenancy in common, joint tenancy, or tenancy by the entirety.  When transferring a deed, it is important to seek the advice of an attorney that is fully familiar with the various ways in which a deed can be held.

Transferring title by a deed is a serious matter with numerous legal and financial consequences and should not be attempted without an attorney.

We can assist you with a deed transfer for any of the following:

  • Add an individual, spouse, or family member to a deed.
  • Remove an individual from a deed.
  • Transfer a deed from an individual to an entity, such as a Corporation, LLC, or Trust.
  • Correction Deed (a deed to correct errors on a previous deed, legal descriptions etc…).
  • Advise you on whether a deed transfer would violate the terms of your mortgage (known as a “Due on Sale” clause).
  • Advise you on the best way to take title (ex: tenants in common or joint tenants with right of survivorship).
  • Advise you on the type of deed to use (ex. Bargain & Sale, Quitclaim Deed etc…).
  • Prepare and file real estate transfer tax documents.
  • Submit the deed for recording.